It’s easy to use BlackboardVillage!IMG_2636

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Browse the blackboardvillage website and view houses for exchange.

2. When you find a home that you would like to exchange with, you can contact the owner once you have created a profile and paid your three, six or twelve month subscription. Initial sign up for free for the first 100 people.

3. To create a profile page, click on the ‘Subscribe to plan’ link. Fill in your desired user name and email address. Click ‘Submit’ and a confirmation email will be instantly sent to you. When creating your profile don’t forget to name the school that you are associated or affiliated with. The objective of BlackboardVillage is to build a community of trust with like-minded people.

4. Log into using your user name and desired password. This will take you directly to our subscription page where you can select your three, six or twelve month subscription and access our paypal system. This entire process will only take a you a few minutes and you will then have access to contact other BlackboardVillage members to arrange home exchanges.

5. Once your subscription is complete you are free to build your personal profile and upload photographs of your home. Currently BlackboardVillage has the facility to host up to five photographs to give the viewer a detailed tour of your home. There is also the facility to link video from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Include photos and videos of your home, apartment or condo’s facilities such as pool, BBQ area, garden etc.  It is also recommended to include some local spots that would attract viewers such  as beach, shops, restaurants  and nearby tourist  attractions.

We look forward to having you join us so you too can have the BlackboardVillage experience of exchanging homes with other like-minded people.