Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


How Does Insurance Work?

We recommend that you give your insurance company a call to check that your home and/or car is covered while friends occupy your house.

How do I keep my profile secure?

Your phone number, email address and skype will not be available publicly on the website.  People can only contact you through a secure website system.  When adding your home details ensure that you do not put your street address as google maps can pinpoint this.  Keep it to street name or area only.

Can I list more than one home?

Your three or six month membership allows you to list up to two homes. Your twelve month membership allows you to list up to 3 homes.

Do I have to add photos my home right away?

Good quality photographs are extremely important and essential in promoting your home effectively. We recommend that you have photographs ready to add when you register.  Currently the blackboardvillage website has the capacity to upload 5 quality photographs per home.  The site also has the capacity to link video from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. Once interested like minded people have contacted you, both parties will be free to share photos via email or through an online photo website such as GooglePlus.

How can I ensure my home exchange is fabulous?

Communication is essential.  Please see the disclaimer section of this website for points to discuss with the people you are exchanging with. Also, pick the brains of the like minded people you will be exchanging with for local attractions and things to do in the local area such as parks, restaurants, favourite cafes etc.

How do make contact with people about a home exchange?

Once you have joined and paid your three, six or twelve month membership subscription you will be able to contact members through our secure website.  Members have the option to reply. Once initial contact has been made you will be able to engage and communicate at your own convenience.

Can I do more than one home exchange in a membership cycle?

YES! You can exchange as many times as physically possible. You can exchange domestically as well as internationally.  

What happens if for some reason the home exchange falls through after I’ve booked the airfares?

This is is extremely rare. In cases where financial commitments have been made (e.g. airfares have been booked and paid for), blackboardvilllage expects that the home exchange will be honoured.  This may involve arranging another equivalent home exchange for the other party to use.  In the case that this should happen we recommend that both parties discuss the best possible solution. Blackboardvillage administration should also be notified so the situation can be monitored and assistance provided.