BlackboardVillage home exchanges are intended to be highly effective and trustworthy. BlackboardVillage is not responsible for the home exchange itself. We highly recommend that you build a relationship with the intended person or family you wish to swap house with by keeping in regular contact through email, skype or telephone. BlackboardVillage is not liable or responsible for the exchange, for false photos of homes that do not give a true and accurate picture of the home intended for exchange.

We recommend that you discuss the following points prior to the home exchange:
· Possible car exchange
· Insurances
· Maid service and house cleaning on departure
· Location and easy access to shops and public transport
· Number of adults and children in the party
· General house rules such as non-smoking, pets, garden care
· Mutual respect of home insuring care of belongings
· Electricity bills and respect for use

Once these issues have been discussed and understandings have been made between parties it is much easier to enter in to the home exchange with a high level of confidence.

We recommend you do due diligence using your contacts in the educational world to increase your level of confidence around the exchange. Many people have enjoyed home exchanges without any issues whatsoever. On rare occasions where issues have arisen, they have been a result of these key points not being discussed prior to the exchange. The purpose of this site is to provide a meeting point for like-minded people and no monetary gain should be made by either party.